When Winter Gives You Snow..

I haven’t been writing much lately– the past couple of weeks have been busy.

Old Man Winter kept us away from Winter Fire last weekend, leaving me massively disappointed. We’d overcome so many frustrating, ridiculous obstacles, and when we were all packed and the dog was settled at the sitter’s, our flight was canceled. C’est la vie; there will always be next time. To put a positive spin on things, it gave me a much-needed rest and Allyn and I an opportunity to really spend some time quality one-on-one time together. I saw the Opera Singer too, which is always a bonus.

I’m an introvert by nature and need much more alone time more than most. Without an opportunity to regroup and collect myself, I get stressed out way more easily than usual and generally become a more unpleasant person to be around. Still, it’s tough to sit at home while your friends are out having fun. I *want* to join them, but sometimes I have to pick the less-fun choice that saves my sanity.

It’s not them; it’s me.

I guess the last few weeks have been an exercise in learning my limits, which will again be put to the test in June when my annual Montreal trip and Fusion coincide. Meanwhile, I’ll be laying low and working on some personal projects while I try to get my head on straight.