A Statement on Separatist Faggot Acceptance -- Zac Slams

Credit: Zac Slams

Disclaimer: This post may piss you off. I know you probably hate that word. Hear me out, though.

The word stings like a slap to the face, with a hard “g” and a Sid Vicious snarl. 


Brutal. Antagonistic. Caustic. It’s been slung at me by classmates and strangers on the street.

I like the bitter taste it leaves on my tongue. Not when they say it, but when I do.

They say it as an expression of hatred, to degrade us for our sexuality our femininity. But I don’t find either of those degrading. I am not “straight acting” or “masc.” To embrace faggotry is to throw  up middle fingers at homophobia and the misogyny it stems from.

Let’s turn the brutality of the word back on itself. The faggot is aggressively, unabashedly queer, anti-assimilationist, and dismissive of the idea that we are just like them. I want the word to strike fear not in our hearts, but in theirs, and to remind them that when we call them out on homophobia we pull back the curtain on their fears: the fear that our faggotry will disrupt their system, corrupt their binaries and crush the boxes they’ve constructed.

I wouldn’t expect anyone else to embrace it and I wouldn’t apply the label to anyone who doesn’t identify with it. I respect the guys who fit into the traditional, hetero narrative of married life and white picket fences, but I expect the same respect in return. I’m not an angry person, but as a queer, trans, non-monogamous pervert, some view my mere existence as an act of aggression.

Faggotry is punk as fuck.

I’m a cocksucking faggot, a flaming faggot
A fuck bunny, fruitcake, cum superdeli, homo
Uncle Walt, Auntie Mame, little sissy pansy
Fudge-packing butt pirate, drag queen, hairdresser
Interior decorator, pervert, pornographer
Sodomite, sex fiend, mincing, limpy-wrist
Scat-nosed poof prince, a resident of Castro
And president of the united states of love

Pansy Division – Cocksucking Faggot