Fucksmithing 101

Admit it, it’s just a spectacular word. Inspired by the tradesman of the Oglaf universe, I consider myself a hobbyist fucksmith. I put in my fair share of volunteer hours and doggedly work towards perfecting my craft.

Or maybe I’m just a slut.

I also spend a lot of time reading and thinking. In general, I keep my opinions to myself unless asked, but I’m ready to change that policy. If nothing else and if no one else’s eyes ever grace this page, it’ll be a way for me to track how my beliefs evolve over time.

Unsurprisingly, I’ll write primarily about sex and kink, but don’t be surprised when intersectional themes appear too. I’m planning to weigh in on the debates I see in the poly, kinky, and sex-positive communities rather than just observe from the sidelines. I always have a lot to say but often wind up hitting the “discard” button at the end of my post. Now I’ll try hitting “publish” instead.